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Why Blues Trust has rules

Posted on Dec 6, 2013

Why Blues Trust has rules

The idea of setting up a Trust for Birmingham City supporters originated in the summer of 2011. A group of fans met together to find a constructive way to react to the news of the club’s financial problems, and asked Supporters Direct for help in setting up a Trust. One requirement was to register a legally binding set of rules.

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Dave Langan Book Signing

Posted on Nov 2, 2012

Blues Trust and Hollywood Monster are co-sponsoring the book signing by Dave Langan in the Royal George from 12-1 pm Saturday, November 3rd.   He will be signing copies of his autobiography Running through Walls.  

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AGM Agenda

Posted on Oct 19, 2012

Agenda for Blues Trust AGM on Saturday, 20/10/2012

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Planning meeting on October 9th

Posted on Sep 27, 2012

The Steering Group will be meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday October 9th at the Royal George to discuss plans for the AGM.  Any members who want to volunteer to help at the AGM are welcome to come to the meeting.

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Next meeting on September 25th

Posted on Sep 24, 2012

The next meeting of Blues Trust Steering Group will be at 7 pm on Tuesday September 25th, 2012 at the Royal George.

All members of Blues Trust are welcome to attend.


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Secretary’s report:
  5. Other reports
  6. Topic for discussion: Media communications and arrangements for AGM
  7. Any other business
  8. Next meeting
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