A group of Blues fans in the formative stages of establishing a Supporters Trust have today reacted with dismay at the news that Birmingham International Holdings have again delayed the publication of their accounts.
This is the third time BIH, the major shareholder of Birmingham City, have postponed the accounts and with Carson Yeung still waiting trial on money laundering charges, once again there is considerable uncertainty over the financial state of the club.
A group spokesperson said, ‘as Blues fans, we want nothing more than to see our club succeed. After all, it’s the fans that turn out week in week out to support the club and with Chris Hughton in charge, it’s more exciting than it has been for years.
‘But today’s announcement is yet another example of the uncertainty that surrounds the finances of the club and the lack of communication between the board and fans. Yet again, Blues fans are being kept in the dark, meaning that rumour and speculation will be again be rife. This can only further disrupt the relation between the club and supporters.
‘We do not expect to be party to sensitive financial information. Nor do we seek to interfere in the day to day running of the club. All we ask is for greater clarity and transparency, better communications and assurances that the club remains a viable, going concern.
‘Supporters Trusts have a good track record in acting as a bridge between clubs and fans, so we call on Blues fans who share our aims to join us. Further information can be found at www.bluestrust.org
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