Although it may seem things have gone quiet on the trust front, they haven’t. The steering group have been working hard to bring the trust about and we’re now in the final stages of forming the trust legally. We’re waiting for a response from the club to a letter confirming that we can use the name of the club in our name – we’ve been told by the Financial Standards Authority, who regulate this sort of thing that we must do that – before we complete the final legal bits and pieces to properly incorporate the trust.

It’s also been decided that the membership fee for the trust will be £5. Like any proper club or organisation the trust will rely on membership fees and donations to fund itself; however we’re doing our best to keep the fee as low as possible in order to allow the largest number of people possible to join it. We can’t accept membership applications until we’re fully incorporated, but we can accept donations (which will be then acknowledged as pre-payment of membership fees) – just email us for details.

You may have noticed the website is a little dull and hasn’t been updated much. We’re doing our best to rectify this now and we’ll also be keeping people updated via our Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ll also be doing our bit to put up posters and hand out flyers to give more information on the trust and it’s aims.

The hope is that we’ll have our full open meeting in early April, but there is much work to be done before then. We desperately need your ideas, your knowledge and your contacts to help us achieve our goal of creating a Supporters Trust that all fans can be a part of. No matter where you are, what you do for a living or how often you go to St Andrews your input is important to us and massively welcomed.

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