Statement from Supporters Direct Scotland on Rangers FC being placed in Administration.

Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) regrets to note that Rangers FC has appointed administrators to deal with its financial affairs. The effects of this process on the employees and players are distressing and our thoughts are with those facing such an uncertain future.

As others have commented the financial dealings of the club have brought it to the situation where its very existence is in doubt. No matter how much supporters want to see the best players play for their club few, when given the choice, are willing to sacrifice the long term viability of the club they support to see short term success.

This is not the first club in Scotland to enter Administration and SDS continues to call for stronger regulation of the sport. While some lessons have been learned fundamentally the conditions still exist for clubs to overspend year-on-year threatening not only their own viability but the viability of other clubs and crucially the sporting integrity of the league. This is why SDS supports UEFA’s Financial Fair Play initiative.

SDS also believes that the community should have a far bigger say in the running of their club. If anything positive can come out of this crisis we hope that, should the club be saved, supporters and the community will have a meaningful stake in the future of the club and that the club takes a lead in the reform of football finances in Scotland.

We are sure that all Rangers supporters will rally round the club and do what they can in order to safeguard its future. We further hope that they join the Rangers Supporters’ Trust or any combined representative body and make their voices heard in the same way as countless other Scottish football fans have done over the last decade and more.


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