It all started with an article on the Often Partisan blog, in July last year when there were a lot of rumblings about the financial problems at the club.  The article suggested that it would be more constructive to form a supporters’ trust than to shout platitudes while holding placards.  Quite a few people liked this idea and got together to discuss the idea of setting up a trust.

The first thing we did was to contact Supporters Direct and ask for help.  Their mission is to “promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters’ involvement & community ownership” and their website gives their history.  We would not have got anywhere without their support, encouragement and help.

The first advice they gave us was that we needed to find out if other Blues’ fans would support the idea.  So we organised an open meeting at the Phoenix Hall on October 29th to introduce the idea of forming a supporters’ trust for Birmingham City fans.  The reaction at that meeting was positive so we went ahead and set up Blues Trust as a community benefit society.  We have registered our rules with the Financial Services Authority so we
are now able to sign up members.

One member, one vote is a basic principle on which we are founded.  If you pay your £5 and become a member, you will get a vote on who will serve on the first elected board of Blues Trust.  If you’re feeling generous and want to give us £100, we will happily accept your donation, but it won’t buy you more than one vote.

We want to arrange an election for board members as soon as possible but we need to have a reasonable number of members before we do this.  So our immediate priority is to sign up members.   We need some who will help with the work that needs to be done and some who are willing to stand for election as board members.  We also want those who are too busy to help but who want to be represented by an organisation that seeks to
improve communication with the club rather than shout insults at them.  The more members we have, the greater the chance that our voice will be heard.

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