“We don’t need SLOs because our clubs are too small,” is a commonly held view that does not quite stand up to closer inspection. The principles of supporter liaison hold true whether a club attracts attendances of 500 or 50,000, as was underlined by a recent case in Luxembourg, where all 14 BGL Ligue clubs have now appointed an SLO. In the run-up to the recent top-of-the-table matchup between CS Grevenmacher and Jeunesse Esch there were fears (for the first time ever in Luxembourg) that the game would be marred by clashes between rival supporters.

Amid lurid media speculation, the two clubs and their respective SLOs and safety officers did an excellent job preparing for the match. Supporter groups were consulted and a security concept was worked out with the police. As a result of the measures taken, the game, which attracted a large crowd by Luxembourg standards of about 1,500, passed off completely without incident.

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