Following the news of Chris Hughton’s imminent departure on Wednesday afternoon, the Trust contacted Mr Pannu in an ongoing attempt to improve lines of communication between the Trust, the members it represents and the club, but initially received no response.

The Trust again contacted Mr Pannu yesterday afternoon once news of Chris Hughton’s departure had been more or less confirmed. The Trust outlined its commitment to work with the club to improve future communication and establish a unified voice for fans and once again reiterated that the Trust is neither a protest group nor anti-board.

The Trust also thanked Mr Pannu for his hard work in keeping the club afloat over the past twelve months in highly difficult circumstances, and asked whether he or another member of BIHL would be willing to talk to us regarding the current situation at St. Andrews.

We can confirm that Mr Pannu did respond and although it may not be what fans had hoped to hear from him it is a start. It also highlights that progress is being made with regards to improving communication between the board and Birmingham City fans.

In the interest of transparency, the Trust has decided to publish Mr Pannu’s email response below.


Thanks for your email.

I have spoken briefly on our site that no one is more keen than myself to keep Chris Hughton. The compensation was not the motivation at all as I would have rather kept him. However, Chris Hughton’s wish must be respected or else you will have a stranded manager who is not happy and whose wish is to take up a Premier League challenge and quite deservedly so. The balancing exercise is no rocket science and any right thinking person can work out the rational.

Chris Hughton is a good manager who worked very hard and gave his best shot at taking us back up. I can’t, and may I say no body can, take his freedom of choice particularly when contractual dues are paid by Norwich, unlike our previous manager.

I will update you all in due course but for now there are quite a few things to sort out as a matter of priority.




The Trust would also like to take this opportunity to wish Chris Hughton and his team all the best for the future and thank them for what has been a highly memorable season.

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