The Trust would like to openly thank Mr Pannu on behalf of its members for his reassuring statement in relation to a wide range of club issues.

The Trust would also like to reiterate that its intentions towards Birmingham City are wholly good and are in no way designed to be anti-board.

Our “Week of Action” campaign is now into its third day and there has already been an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. The campaign is intending to seek answers from BIHL Board members in Hong Kong and we commend the way that BCFC has been run to date in spite of difficult circumstances.

While further player sales may be needed in order to ensure that BCFC operates as a going concern, the Trust welcomes Mr Pannu’s stance regarding the sale of the club’s most valuable assets.

In addition, we wish to thank Mr Pannu for recognising the importance of the club’s youth development and we urge the club to ensure that the likes of Nathan Redmond, Jack Butland and a number of key members of the first team squad are held on to.

The confirmation of Lee Clark as the club’s 22nd post-war manager last night is also welcomed by the Trust. It is hoped that Lee will build on the fantastic work achieved by Chris Hughton and wish him every success.

Finally, the Trust wishes to reaffirm its position in working with the club for a better future and to ensure Birmingham City is run entirely self-sufficiently.

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