In response to concerns raised by its members over the club’s financial state, Blues Trust have received clarification from the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) on how season tickets may be affected in the eventuality that the club’s financial situation worsens.

The FSF, the national supporters’ organisation representing more than 180,000 individual fans and members of local supporters’ organisations throughout England and Wales, have experience of working with fans at clubs affected by administration.

Their advice is that season tickets worth more than £100 purchased with either a credit card or through the Zebra Finance-backed “0% Season Ticket Scheme” are protected under Section 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act. This means that fans paying by these methods can get their money back in the event of any unforeseen financial event.

Fans purchasing season tickets by cash, cheque or debit card are not covered by the Act, the FSF have confirmed that in all previous cases of administration, clubs have honoured any Season Tickets bought prior to them going into administration.

Whilst Blues Trust understands that during this difficult financial climate that season ticket renewal may be problematic for some, the Trust hopes that this guidance can help remove some doubt from the minds of members and help the club in a positive manner.

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