On November 17th Blues Trust stepped up its ongoing enquiry into the takeover saga concerning the sale of Birmingham City Football Club.

Following widespread speculation that a takeover by Gianni Paladini and his Italian backed consortium was imminent, an official statement from Peter Pannu was published on the official club website.

In the statement, Mr Pannu said that “no active negotiations with the group involving Gianni Paladini or any of his associates”, urging fans that “only official information should be relied upon and not rumours or speculation”.

Respecting privacy and confidentiality agreements, rules and regulations, Blues Trust contacted Mr Paladini via letter asking him to confirm his version of events. On November 18th, Blues Trust were contacted by Mr Paladini by phone, where he claimed that he and his consortium had been given permission by Birmingham International Holdings to see the club’s books and that his lawyer had also informed him that a deal had been accepted – only to find this being denied in Peter Pannu’s statement.

In the interest of transparency, Blues Trust proceeded to contact Peter Pannu via letter. The letter was accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed return envelope and was delivered to Mr Pannu by hand prior to the nPower Championship home fixture against Crystal Palace on December 15th.

Whilst patiently waiting for a response, it emerged that Peter Pannu had responded to an open letter sent by the editor of popular Blues blog Often Partisan; a communication which received a reply the same day as it was sent on December 24th.

As the ongoing takeover saga continues amid fears of a player fire sale in January following Mr Pannu’s recent interviews with Free Radio and the Birmingham Mail, Blues Trust is continually seeking answers concerning a number of issues.

Negotiations between the Club and several interested parties appear to have hit a stumbling block in recent months, with hopes of a sale being completed before the January transfer window quashed.

Blues Trust believes that the sale of Birmingham City Football Club to a suitable party is now of top priority and should be completed sooner rather than later; with fans remaining high on the agenda. The Trust would urge Mr Pannu to do everything in his power to secure stability and the Club’s long term future.

Blues Trust remains committed to safeguarding the future of Birmingham City. Above all, the fans come first. Further updates will be communicated as and when appropriate.

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