On 11th January 2013 Blues Trust issued an open letter to Birmingham City acting Chairman Peter Pannu following the publication of the Club’s accounts for the year ending 30th June 2012.

The letter raised a number of important points to Mr Pannu after the Trust’s accounts analysis identified numerous issues surrounding the club’s financial health, its future financial strategy in order to ensure Birmingham City FC continues to operate as a going concern as well as various governance issues; notably relating to the club’s Xtep kit deal.

The Trust gave Mr Pannu a seven day time frame (until 18th January 2013) in which to issue a response to the letter. Blues Trust can confirm that to date, like many of our previous communications to Mr Pannu, no response has been received.

Blues Trust is today issuing a second and final open letter to Mr Pannu in the hope that matters raised within the letter are adequately answered, acknowledged or addressed. In addition, Blues Trust will be consulting experts and its members as to appropriate future steps.

A copy of the second letter issued to Mr Pannu today can be downloaded here.

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