Blues Trust is delighted to share brand new strategy proposals to be presented at our forthcoming open meeting on Sunday 23 June.

The strategy has been divided into four main focus areas: Board expansion, community, business and club ownership. An overview of these strategy proposals can be found below. For a detailed breakdown of the Trust’s strategy proposals, please click here.


The Blues Trust Board structure currently accommodates four permanent Board members, all of whom were elected at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October 2012. There are also three co-opted Board members and a non-voting Secretary who are to serve until the next AGM, at which point they will be permitted to stand for full election to the Board.

The Trust will seek to carry out the following:

  • Provide a person specification outlining the attributes of a preferable candidate for an Associate Board Director role.
  • Canvas Trust membership for interested candidates.
  • Target and approach appropriate individuals within the local fan base and community to whom such a role would be suitable.
  • Continue to interact with members at meetings and via social media to establish their views, opinions and suggestions on both the Trust’s Board structure and overall performance.

    The Trust recognises the importance of the local community and the role it can play in delivering Birmingham City Football Club stability and success. The Trust will seek to build and, where possible, improve community relations in the following ways:

  • Seek to register St. Andrew’s Stadium as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).
  • Continue to lobby senior Club officials and discuss ways in which the Club can further reach the local community.
  • Present initiatives and ideas to senior Club officials on behalf of the membership, including ways to incorporate individuals from different cultural backgrounds. We want Birmingham City FC to be the city’s community team.
  • Explore the possibility of securing match day premises for members of Blues Trust and all Birmingham City supporters’ clubs.
  • Promote the Birmingham City match day experience to a wider audience demographic.
  • Launch a series of school roadshows with the help, support and backing of ex-Birmingham City players.
  • Launch a series of organised day trips to St. Andrew’s for school children throughout the 2013/14 campaign.
  • Partner with a local charity voted for and chosen by the membership.

    Developing, improving and strengthening business links is not only vital in ensuring financial stability for our BCFC and Blues Trust, but will also help regenerate our local community.

    We aim to:

  • Secure Trust support from local businesses.
  • Generate viable income streams to help assist a sustainable Supporters’ Trust.
  • Assess the viability of member-only benefits through a local business partnership scheme.
  • Investigate potential funding streams.
  • Investigate a Trust bond scheme.

    Stability, both on and off the football field, is paramount. It is an issue that concerns the vast majority of Birmingham City supporters.

    The Trust, on behalf of its members, will:

  • Continue to strengthen the relationship with the UK administrative management of Birmingham City Football Club.
  • Continue to seek increased transparency at Board level.
  • Seek supporter representation on the Board of Birmingham City Football Club.
  • Approach Supporters’ Direct with reference to a supporter’s Fighting Fund.
  • Seek assurances from the Club with respect to cash flow, its short, medium and long-term outlook and the potential risk(s) such strategy or strategies entail.

  • We look forward to welcoming you to the Custard Factory on June 23. Debate, review, challenge and have YOUR say.

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