We’d once again like to remind all our supporters attending the Huddersfield Town match this weekend that the Delay No More campaign is set to continue as planned.

The campaign is a positive, non-violent campaign intended to highlight our Club’s current plight. We do not condone any violent acts, nor any racial overtones directed at the present owners.

We ask that all playing and non-playing staff are respected at all times. Failure to do so may severely hinder the campaign’s effectiveness and therefore reducing the chances of achieving our collective goals.

Nobody can and will deny us the right to protest, providing it is done so within the law and in a correct manner.

Both the ‘Delay No More’ and ‘Made in Birmingham, Destroyed in Hong Kong’ banners will be on show before the game and in the stadium. The ‘Delay No More’ banner will have the Chinese script censored, as was the case at Charlton, and leaflets will be being distributed outside the ground prior to kick-off. If you’d like to volunteer to hand out leaflets, please contact http://www.delaynomore.co.uk/your-comments/.

Look out for a survey on community shares – Blues Trust would like to gauge your views on the idea with the intention of pursuing further depending on your feedback.

Keep in touch with the Delay No More campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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