Blues Trust wishes to formally respond to today’s safety notice issued by Birmingham City Football Club.

The Trust is fully respectful of the Club’s dedication to providing a safe viewing environment for all supporters attending St. Andrew’s.

While nobody can deny us the right to peacefully protest, we recognise that our actions and the actions of others must remain prudent and within the law. Delay No More is a non-violent, peaceful campaign designed to reflect the feelings of Birmingham City supporters. We do not condone violence or racial overtones of any kind.

With this in mind, we ask that all supporters participating in peaceful protests within the ground act in accordance with the law and adhere to St. Andrew’s ground regulations. We also ask that all playing and non-playing staff are respected at all times. Failure to do so may severely hinder the Delay No More campaign’s effectiveness, therefore reducing the chances of achieving our collective goals.

For individuals planning on bringing flags and banners into the ground, the Club have offered to accommodate these in designated areas of the ground. The Club have also offered to store flags or banners at the Club during the week, returning them to their owners on match days.

The Delay No More campaign will continue as planned at tomorrow’s match. However, the Delay No More banner will be temporarily modified to ensure no potentially offensive Chinese script is visible. We are currently pursuing alternative, longer term arrangements in order to mitigate this concern.

A number of volunteers will also be issuing Delay No More leaflets around the ground prior to kick-off tomorrow, which includes a survey exploring the potential of community shares. The Trust is interested in gauging views on the idea, with the intention of pursuing further depending on supporter feedback.

For further information on the Delay No More campaign, click here. Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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