Following events over the past month, we wish to issue the following update to our members.

We are currently operating a survey of supporters, encouraging as many Birmingham City fans as possible to provide an indication of their views on the current ownership of BCFC. In particular, we wish to learn of their concerns and whether individuals are prepared to entertain a role for supporters in any future BCFC ownership model.

We are also continuing to deal with a secretive ownership structure at BCFC, including Carson Yeung’s continued involvement in the ownership of the Club. It is our view that the rules of the Football League are perpetuating the situation, but further, that the Football League are not properly implementing their rules. We believe that if these rules were properly implemented, Carson Yeung would be permitted no continued role in the Club’s ownership.

We require the ownership at Birmingham City FC to be taken up locally by MPs as a political issue, and one that concerns their respective constituents. To be effective, this needs to feed into the wider issue of football governance.

The present running of football is inadequate and encourages poor, un-transparent ownership, overspending and a lack of attention paid to primary stakeholders – the fans and the community.

We will continue to keep our membership updated with further developments via our website and social media feeds. If you are yet to complete our community shares survey, you can do so by clicking >>here<<.

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