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The  Football Association commission’s  plan to boost English football includes a proposal to create a new tier for Premier League B teams.  This tier, League 3, would be between League 2 and the Conference and would initially be made up of 10 Conference teams plus 10 Premier League B teams.

 Some Premier League clubs have expressed support for this idea but there has been a negative response from the lower tiers. The Football Conference  issued a statement saying  that representatives of the Conference were not consulted about the proposal and feel it threatens the existence of the Pyramid on which the English game is based.

 Supporters Direct (SD) and the Football Supporters Federation (FSF)have said that supporters should also be consulted.  The SD statement  said that the introduction of B teams would  reinforce the present system  that stockpiles talent.  The FSF  have put a poll on their site to get fans’ opinions on B teams.

Blues Trust is in agreement with the statements made by SD and FSF.  We strongly agree that the FA should consider supporters’ opinions on this matter.  We encourage all fans to make their views known by taking part in the FSF poll.

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