Recent comments in the press about the bidding process, and other rumours, indicate that there are several bidders in the process of wanting to buy our Football Club. We understand that the parent company BIHL has sifted through the various applications from bidders and an announcement of a preferred bidder seems imminent, although the constant delays and lack of information are extremely frustrating. We urge the board of BIHL to update everyone associated with the club as to what the current position is and the potential time-line of the process; this will help alleviate the concerns of many supporters.

Our recent and ongoing survey, where we gauged supporters opinion on their appetite for change, has proved to be very positive and indicates that a substantial investment could be accumulated by our supporters and fans, should the need arise.  This information will prove vital when the sale process becomes more advanced. We would like to make it known that Blues Trust is fully supportive of change, as long as it is sustainable and has the best interests of the club at heart.

You can view a summary of some of the responses to our survey here.

We would welcome any kind of positive supporter involvement in the new structure once it is established, and are keen to work together with any interested parties or consortia who are thinking along similar lines.

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