Greg Dyke has addressed members of the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct via a video message at their annual FA-funded 2014 Supporter’s Summit at Wembley. Blues Trust was represented by several of its Board Members.  The Chairman tackled a number of issues raised by the organisations.

Also included was an update on his England Commission, which is continuing to address ways in which the game can improve the prospects for players to realise their full potential, coaching and facilities.


The following was extracted from an article on the FA website at the following link here

Stating that he was “committed to change”, he called for unity, positivity and belief among supporters – as everybody works together towards a common goal – a successful platform for long-term sustainable success.

He said: “I’m Chairman of The FA but I’m basically a football fan. I set up the England Commission in the first place because the numbers scared me and they still do.

“It seems to me that the real danger is that we could end up with some very successful leagues in this country but they’re nothing to do with the English football.  Unless we do something about that, that’s where we’re going to be.”

The Chairman then went on to answer a series of questions sent in by the two supporter groups. They ranged from the debate about his initial Commission proposals, football’s ability to deal with and face up to big challenges, his own passion to embrace change and whether football in general listens enough to supporters.

A discussion followed the Chairman’s address and the thoughts will be reflected back when Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation meet the Chairman to further talk through the Commission’s work.

In his closing remarks, he said: “I’ll be interested to hear back from your debate today and we’ve got a meeting in the near future to get that.

“All I will ask you is when you have that debate, don’t just say ‘well we oppose that, we don’t like that, look what it does to us,’ also say ‘well how do we overcome the problem then?’ Because if you can’t come up with positive solutions, if you just want to stick with yesterday, nothing’s going to change.”

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