bluestrustlordkBlues Trust needs a secretary and more board members.

We don’t have a secretary at present since our last one resigned due to time pressures.  So we are looking for someone who has time to do the work.  The ideal person would be someone with experience of acting as secretary for some organisation such as a school board of governors.  Supporters Direct provides training for supporters’ trust secretaries so experience is not essential but the person appointed must be willing to take responsibility. An efficient secretary makes a huge contribution to the smooth running of the trust but mistakes can have serious consequences.  If you know your Birmingham City history, you may remember that it was a mistake made by the club secretary that kept Birmingham City out of the F A Cup in 1920-21; he forgot to send in the application form.

We are also looking for people who are willing to stand for election to our board at our AGM in November.  It would be good to have a range of different skills represented: financial, legal, marketing etc.  But the most important qualification for board members is an understanding of what Blues Trust stands for and a desire to help.  That desire has to be strong; the secretary and board members are voluntary positions with a lot of work but no pay.

If you are interested in volunteering as the secretary or as a member of the board, please contact me.  We would like to invite you to a board meeting so you can get to know us.

Margaret Decker


Blues Trust

You can read more on our Vacancies page here about our vacancy for a Secretary

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