Fans for Diversity


The Trust together with other supporter group representatives have been asked to take part in the BCFC ‘Buddy Scheme”, at this Saturday’s home game versus Bolton Wanderers as part of the wider Fans for Diversity Campaign. The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and Kick It Out have teamed up to work on the new campaign, which works with all aspects of diversity not only to highlight the many challenges but also to celebrate how football brings people together.

A key element of the campaign is to give fans an opportunity to highlight pro-diversity in their own way through the Fans Initiative Fund. Fans have been and continue to be creative and work on specific forms of diversity and discrimination or diversity as a whole, thus proving how fans can come together in making football as inclusive as possible and highlight the challenges that we face around discrimination.

The first time visitors & pairings on Saturday are as follows:

Kindende Kuewabedi Noel – Paired with Steve McCarthy

Elvita Licite & Deivids Licitis  – Paired with Nick Glynn

Keith Fairbrother – Adrian Howell & Guest

The club will be providing various goodies throughout the day to the guests as well as an official Photo for the FSF / Kick It Out, Buddy Campaign. This is a great opportunity for the club and Trust to be part of a very positive campaign, promoting everything that is good about our supporter base.

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