Edward Lord OBE is a politician and a senior sports administrator.

At the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, he called for the establishment of an independent commission, representative of the whole game, to comprehensively review football’s governance to make it more effective, inclusive, and no longer subject to conflicting vested interests.  He was moving an amendment to the party’s policy on football, focussing his fire particularly on the FA and the Premier League.

His speech about football governance makes for very interesting reading and you can view the full text at the link here.  It will appear live on BBC Parliament.

You can also read the followings newspaper articles about his removal from the FA panel:

  • in the Telegraph entitled “Edward Lord sacked over FA scandal remarks” here and
  • in the Guardian entitled “Edward Lord expelled from FA inclusion post over ‘breakdown in trust’ here,

Both are dated 18th September 2014.

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