Following yesterday evening’s (Tuesday) supporter open meeting held at the Royal George Hotel Bar, Blues Trust will begin working on a three-tier strategy targeting greater transparency within BCFC’s parent company Birmingham International Holdings.

The meeting provided an open platform for all supporters to debate and make suggestions on how best to tackle the well documented ownership issues that currently plague Birmingham City Football Club.

Hosted by Trust Chairman Steve McCarthy and Blues Collective representative Paul Smith, three main areas were discussed and debated as a focal point for expediting the sale of the Club. From today, Blues Trust will begin working on the following course of action:

Locally, the Trust, along with all supporters who wish to get involved, will seek to highlight the Club’s current plight through the local media and by lobbying local MP’s, Birmingham City Council and its councillors for their support and intervention.

Nationally, the Football League will be targeted and urged to put increasing pressure on the BIHL, and national Westminster MP’s will also be contacted with a view to highlighting both BCFC’s current plight and wider football governance issues in Parliament.

Internationally, more work is needed to highlight the Club’s issues in Hong Kong. We will work with all supporters who are willing to help in devising a blueprint for increased pressure on the BIHL hierarchy, ensuring they are held accountable for the issues faced 6,000 miles away in Birmingham.

We also call upon Panos Pavlakis to issue a clear, concise statement outlining his and BIHL’s intentions for BCFC moving forward. Supporters require reassurances concerning a number of areas, including the Club’s financial health and the purported sale of the Club.

We will endeavour to issue regular updates on our progress. A follow-up meeting at the Royal George Hotel Bar will be arranged for four weeks’ time, details of which will follow shortly.

A report of the evening can be found here.

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