The Royal George – Tuesday 9th December 2014.

Many thanks to all those who attended the open meeting on Tuesday 9th December facilitated by Blues Trust. It was an informal meeting which enabled the Trust to feedback on progress made following the meeting held six weeks previously. Although the number of supporters in attendance was not as great as the previous meeting, it was still a very positive and valuable event, with many questions asked about the current situation and discussion about what potentially can be done. It was also great to have Daniel from Often Partisan attend who was able to answer questions and advise on potential options going forward.

Emma Hodgson of the Blues Trust board started the proceedings by reporting back on what actions had taken place. The letter to the Football League was discussed at length, and the consensus was that a reply needs to be pursued as a matter of urgency. Emma also reported back that Lord Philip Hunt has demonstrated his support for the initiative by also writing a letter to the Football League requesting that the situation at Birmingham City is investigated. There was also information given on the e-petition that has been established. Those present were very positive about this, and Daniel was able to explain the purpose and the target audience of this petition. As well as the letter and petition, there was much interest surrounding the template letter that has been produced by Blues Trust that supporters can print off and complete to send to their local MP.

The Trust has also been working with STAND in recent months and although representatives were unable to attend, Emma read out a statement from them. There will be more information in the New Year regarding this campaign which aims to unite supporters of clubs who may be experiencing difficulties similar to ours. You can read the full statement in a separate article here.

The remainder of time was spent asking questions and discussing current events. The Trust together with Daniel were able to advise on potential next steps, explaining that BIHL are currently under a suspension of trading, clarifying recent events that had taken place within the group. Those that attended found this to be of great benefit. This is a crucial time for BIHL, BCFC and its supporters. The pressure needs to be maintained and supporters were reminded of what steps they can take to bring about change, with the priority being the signing petition to prevent Mr Pannu being re-elected.

Once again, the Trust would like to thank all those who attended on what was an extremely wet and miserable night weather wise, and particular thanks to Daniel for his continued advice and support.

Blues Trust

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