Stand Against Modern Football – Taking Back Our Game campaign.


As reported previously, Blues Trust has been working with STAND fanzine on establishing a campaign that promotes fan engagement, and that draws attention to key issues that may affect supporters.


STAND issued the following statement for sharing at the open meeting on Tuesday 9th December at the Royal George.

Two months ago, STAND Against Modern Football launched the Taking Back Our Game Campaign. The main demand was for a fans’ delegate on the FA board and significant supporter involvement in decision making in the sport.

Since then, fans of a variety of clubs have moved to set up a supporter solidarity network to drive co-ordination, co-operation and activism in UK fans groups which will be launched shortly.

We note with interest the events at Birmingham City Football Club and a legion of others such as Hereford United, proud clubs ruined in the so called “search for profit” by alleged “football men” which, when scratching the surface, are revealed to be unaccountable and disdainful of our communities.

We urge you to keep in touch with Blues Trust, follow STAND Against Modern Football on web and social media and join the network, when launched, to force real change from the football authorities who are supposed to protect the sport but are comprehensively failing.

We will continue to keep you up to date with any developments with the campaign, and Blues Trust is pleased to be part of this exciting strategy.

Emma-Louise Hodgson

Blues Trust

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