Blues Trust is disappointed to learn of the output from Birmingham International Holding’s Annual General Meeting held yesterday in Hong Kong.

Peter Pannu, Anthony Cheung Kwai-Nang and Carson Wong Ka-Chun were all re-appointed to the BIHL Board. However, Panos Pavlakis was not re-elected as an Executive Director and is retired, along with Liu Enxue and Li Hanguo.

In recent months, the situation at the club has somewhat stabilised following the appointment of Panos, and results on the field have dramatically improved since the appointment of Gary Rowett.

In recent weeks, every effort had been made to ensure that Peter Pannu was not re-elected to the Board of BIHL. We are also very conscious of comments made by Mr. Pannu recently on the Often Partisan website concerning Carson Yeung, intimating that Yeung is continuing to act as a Shadow Director of the Board despite his conviction and subsequent Disqualifying Condition under Football League Rules.

We are continuing our efforts to ensure that the relevant authorities investigate a host of off-the-field issues, and will continue to raise these at the highest level both in the UK and in Hong Kong.

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