BCFC_SGOne of the concerns Blues fans have had over the past few years has been the shortage of information about what was happening with our club and the lack of engagement by the club owners and their representatives. The decision making process was opaque. This is not to criticise the staff at the club who have worked hard in difficult circumstances to make the experience of visiting St. Andrew’s an enjoyable one.

The appointment of E&Y, improved performances on the pitch, and the willingness of Panos Pavlakis to share information when this is available has improved the atmosphere at St Andrew’s, and there is a general feeling that, although there are still many hurdles to overcome, the club is again moving in the right direction.

Another very positive development by the club was the recent invitation to fans’ groups by David Boston, the recently appointed Supporter Liaison Officer, to attend a Supporters Forum at St Andrew’s. Blues Trust was pleased to support this initiative, as we believe that engaging with the club and bringing together fans’ groups in a constructive way can only benefit both club and fans.

The first meeting of the Forum was held on 11th November with the principal objective of establishing how participants would like the Supporters Forum to work moving forward. A number of key decisions were made and a you can view a copy of the minutes of the meeting here. It was decided that future meetings will be held quarterly and the Blues Trust will continue to strongly support David Boston in this initiative.

Any feedback on the minutes and the meeting from both Trust members and any other supporters would be very much appreciated and if anyone has items that they would like to see on the agenda in future, we would be glad to receive any proposals. Our e-mail address is admin@bluestrust.org.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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