Blues memories

22 Aug 2016 | 4 comments

Villa away January 2004  —  Hitzlesperger scored a cracking (correction: half-decent) goal for Villa. I was sitting down, sulking and my dad said:  “stand up – it’s part of your education!”

Tottenham away Boxing Day 2005  —  stuck in traffic and missed the first half. Tottenham scored from a controversial penalty, then we weren’t given one we should have had when Muzzy lzzet was fouled. Spurs scored again late on. Left the ground only to find the car had been towed away. We had to traipse across London to get it back – dad had to pay a heavy fine.

Southend (H) 06/07 promotion season  —  we lost 3-1 in a midweek game. We were top of the league and Southend were fighting at the bottom. When we went 1-0 up early on, I turned to my dad and said: “there’s only going to be one winner now”.

Wigan at home January 2015  —  we had been on a great run when Rowett had just taken charge and we were getting close to the play­offs. The cautious man my dad was, he checked the league table on the big screen to see how many points we were from the relegation zone.

Arsenal in the 2011 League Cup final  —  My dad rarely swore, but after full-time at Wembley he jumped up and shouted ‘we’ve won the f***ing cup!’ In the seasons after that we had debates about whether we would swap winning that final for staying up. Unlike most I still would have preferred staying up to allow us to stabilize and build gradually, rather than be stuck in the Championship with no investment. However, I’m glad that we had that moment for him to cherish.

This piece is dedicated to my father Mark Sutton, who sadly passed away recently. His four main loves were his kids, his wife Michelle, Real Ale and Birmingham City Football Club – order not specified!

By Gabriel Sutton

This article was first published in the Made in Brum fanzine. Mark Sutton was a Blues Trust board member.




  1. nicko

    RIP Mark i remember them games blues still break our hearts but we love them kro

  2. Mitchell

    My first blues game was against Fulham at Stans. Being very young and standing on the Kop I could just see the fist of Bertie Auld knocking out Johnny Haynes and Maurice Cook in quick succession! Bertie was sent off but I was then a fan for life.


    Great memories Gabriel.

    I to lost my dad last year. His name was Ken Biggs and he was 85, a true Blue Nose all his life. The memories I have of sharing great (and not so great) days at the Blues with him, Mom and my brother are priceless. Then I did what all dads’ do, and introduced my own sons to the mighty Stans. Like many families, those generations of Blue Blood just happen naturally.
    RIP Dad, mom and all true blues no longer with us. Keep Right On!

  4. Emma-Louise

    R.I.P Mark. I am so very sad to hear of his passing. It was a pleasure to work with him on the Trust board. My thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences are with his family, friends and colleagues.
    A sad loss xx

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