To Minority shareholders in Birmingham City Plc

27 Oct 2016 |

You may have seen in the press and on Blues website that Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd (TTA) – BCFC’s new parent company – has offered to purchase the entire issued ordinary shares in Birmingham City Plc not already owned by it or its non-wholly owned subsidiary Birmingham International Holdings Ltd. You can view the offer here.

Blues Trust is interested in purchasing some shares so that we could receive the information that the company discloses to its shareholders. In addition, an individual has come to the Trust indicating a willingness to buy shares from individual minority shareholders and, in the future, put them at the disposal of Blues Trust.

We believe that it is legally possible for an individual to buy or acquire shares from a willing seller. Because there is no active market in Birmingham City Shares, both sellers and buyers would have to come to their own private deals and complete a share transfer form.  Buyers would have to specify what they are offering and consider Stamp Duty on deals worth over £1000.

So, if you want to sell some or all or perhaps even gift your shares to the Trust, or be put in touch with a possible private buyer, could you send us an urgent email to  With your permission, the Blues Trust will send your details to the individual who has contacted us and/or with any other buyer who may come forward. An offer may follow to you directly.

If you are unsure about any of the steps to be taken, we would strongly recommend that you take professional advice before taking any action.

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