Who owns BCFC?

by | 16 Dec 2016 | 20 comments

From a business perspective, Trillion Trophy Asia owns Birmingham City FC. The directors on their board can do what they want with their property. They can change the manager and, if they feel like it, they could change the club colours to purple and pink or to claret and blue.

From my perspective, as a fan, BCFC is not just a business. If I don’t like BCFC’s product, I’m not going to start buying my football in B6 instead. I feel that I am not just a customer but that I have a share in the ownership of my club.  Together with other fans, I own the memories, the stories and the history and I also share the responsibility to pass these on to future generations.

I am aware that not all Blues fans feel the same way as I do.  For some, the sense of connection with the club is not so important.  If the standard of football is not good enough or the team not successful enough then they won’t buy the product. They can stay at home and see better football on TV.

Fans will also have different opinions on the appointment of Gianfranco Zola as manager. If Zola brings success and promotion then some won’t miss Gary Rowett. Others, like me, will continue to regret the way that Rowett was sacked and that he wasn’t give more time to develop as a manager. Young managers, like young players, make mistakes and learn from experience.  Rowett transformed a dispirited group of players and changed a relegation threatened team into playoff contenders. He has done well and could develop into a very good manager.

I think most Blues fans, whatever their views, would like to thank Gary Rowett for what he has done for our club. For once, it would be nice to show some unity and instead of arguing about differences of opinion, come together to express our thanks. That’s why Blues Trust are thinking of getting some posters printed saying, “Thank you Gary Rowett”. We’d suggest that fans hold them up for the first two minutes of the game, for Gary’s two years with us, and then put them away and concentrate on supporting the team.

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Click here for draft of poster. Please feel free to print off your own poster.


  1. Mike


    The poster is a good idea, but, unfortunately the date is incorrect, it should be the 17th!

    • Margaret

      Thanks for the proofreading!

      • Margaret

        Have now corrected the date on poster.

  2. dean johnson

    I agree with your comments and doubt that Zola will be as successful as Rowett and worry about the path the club is now taking. Hopefully I will be proved wrong.

  3. Peter bates

    Football is now big business Gary sacking wasn’t about football it’s the crock of gold that the premier league brings that drives the owners on they have no interest in football

  4. Dave

    Look, just forget about Rowett now and get behind Zola! I felt sorry for Zola having to sit there on his tod yesterday, he looked nervous about the whole thing, its not his fault, he was only offered a job and took it on! Waving “thanks Gary” placards about isn’t going to give Zola any confidence!

    Rowett did a great job steadying the ship, but lets admit that he made some below par signings, strange team and sub decisions, and the performance of the team of late hasn’t been great, I think the results against Barnsley and Newcastle finished him off and made up Panos mind about where things were going.

    Lets get behind the new manager on Saturday eh!

    • len

      I voted NO.
      My reasons are that a single 2 minute demonstration by fans would be just that. If you wish to demonstrate your support for GR or lack of support for TTA, make it a prolonged one.
      However most fans will back the new manager, if, or when the style of play he believes in brings a more exciting brand of football.
      It may not happen overnight but it will happen and a few new faces in January will settle the doubters.
      GR will always be a hero at St Andrews and will go on to be a success at his next team, I wish him all the luck.
      “Thank You, Gary”

    • Anthony Lovett

      Sorry Dave, but you cannot decide to sack a manager, on the back of 2 bad results. Nor do I agree with your claim about his, so called transfer deals. The bloke has had no money, had to rely on free transfers and at the same time, cope with the backlash from the Carson Young take over. The bloke who got us relegated from the premier ship, is now Aston villa manager. I really believe that this deal with Zola was done weeks ago, and that Gary Rowett wanted to keep the existing squad, work with them, and make them a better team. The new owners wanted someone who will, in retrospect, spend their money on players they want, irrespective of whether they are good enough to play for Birmingham City FC.
      Another death gnoll in the coffin of BC football club.

  5. alex

    Great idea. Even better, make it double sided with “welcome Gianfranco” on the back. Hold that up after the GR tribute….we have to move on now!

  6. Amy

    Could you email me the download it isn’t downloading. Kro

  7. Mick Connolly

    I agree. Time to move on. The lack of flair players in the team means we wouldn’t have reached the playoffs. Given the transfer fund, he wouldn’t have bought flair players as they never fitted into his style of play.

  8. Muzza

    We all thank rowett …def not all ideal .did a great job.and he will def not have a problem getting a job.whether some like it or not the future is Zola.still in a good position in the league so let’s all get behind him.a few good signings in jan and who knows where he could take us.and def don’t judge him next 2 games cus I’m sure many of us wernt to confident of many points anyway ..Welcome zola

  9. Muzza

    As for the poster I think rowett by the reactions knows fans are gutted .and appreciated him.but Zola now needs everybody behind him.he didn’t fire rowett .I think the quicker the players see the fans behind Zola the better.

  10. Julie French

    Blues do not sack managers. This does not make any sense, Zola was a great player, but I am not convinced he is a great manager. I hope he proves me wrong, otherwise we will once again be the laughing stock of Birmingham.

  11. Bebo

    Like double sided idea backing Zola KRO

    • Margaret

      I also like double-sided idea but it’s too late now to get it done. Was hard enough finding a printer who could do it by tomorrow.

  12. johnboy

    pathetic, please move on. The bloke wouldn’t sign his contract and they sacked him because he was greedy

  13. brocklebank

    He was looking for the ,QPR job

  14. Alan Wheatley

    Gary was one of the few genuine managers. The best we have had in my 62 years as a supporter.
    Gary saved our club and was a tremendous supporter of the fans. Gary unlike many in the football business was an orator and carried the fans with him. Gary spoke to the fans on local radio and was envied by local rival supporters.

    We have lost a future senior manager who will be an attribute to the professional game as his career progresses. A loss to the real supporters of Birmingham City.
    Keep right on!

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