Our club does not belong to us

20 Feb 2017 | 5 comments

Our Club does not belong to us

Following QPR’s victory over Birmingham City, their manager had a message to Blues fans. Ian Holloway said,

Your club doesn’t belong to you, I’m afraid. It belongs to someone who buys it and they’ve got carte blanche to do whatever they want.”

Unfortunately, he’s correct.  The Football Association’s fit and proper person test does not ensure that people who buy football clubs will run them well. There’s a long list of clubs that have had or still have dodgy owners.

There’s a lot of anger among Blues fans and it is easiest to direct that anger at those nearest to us such as other fans who don’t agree with us about what needs to be done. Quarrelling among ourselves is not going to help our club. Our anger shouldn’t be directed at the club staff either. Roger Lloyd, a staff finance man, stayed in the VIP seating area at the end of the QPR game and was willing to talk to supporters. He and other senior staff members have worked hard during the recent troubled times to keep our club running and they deserve our thanks.

Our complaints and questions should be directed at Paul Suen Cho Hung and the directors of BCFC and it’s hard to reach them. Panos Pavlakis used to act as the spokesman for the club but he went missing during the second half of the QPR game and has been silent for some time.

In a Club website statement on 14th December 2016, it said :

  • new owners Trillion Trophy Asia Limited (TTAL) remains determined to lead the Club to a bright and exciting future.
  • Supporters can rest assured that the decision (the sacking of Gary Rowett) has been taken with a strategic, long-term view and with the Club’s best interests at heart.
  • “I would ask that our supporters trust our judgement and look forward to and embrace the future as we begin to implement the exciting vision of TTAL.” (Club Director Panos Pavlakis)

It is now the time for the owner and directors to talk to us and explain what they are doing.

Blues Trust


  1. Doug

    Is the manager, at the request of the owners, trying to advance the club too quickly? Is he trying to get the squad to play a style of football that a number of the players are just not capable of doing? If they were all as good as Zola was, they wouldn’t be playing in the championship. ( you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear ). Newcastle are probably going to win the championship but many of their players will hardly figure in the premiership, but they have the means to change their whole team. We are not in that position, but we could be like Burnley or Watford and build a little more slowly. (Which is probably what Rowett was doing).

    • BhamCityJulian

      If the leaks are true Rowett dug his grave by hedging his bets on his contract without keeping it secret; not playing incoming transfers bought on borrowed monies from TTA; maintaining himself as not amenable to a more attacking style of football.

  2. BhamCityJulian

    The club has never belonged to the fans. If the internet had been around from the 60’s we’d have been calling the Coombs’ board cheapskates for underinvestment in the half-completed Cullis and Goodwin teams, wasting the Latchford and Francis monies. Goodwin would have been berated for his team selection for the first Fulham semi final game. Wheldon and the Kumar’s would have had a hard time too.

  3. dean johnson

    Wheldon and the Kumar’s did get a hard time as did Saunders and Bond

  4. John

    Going on TTA’s logic of sacking Gary Rowett, they have to sack Zola on results and facts. In 21 games, Rowett achieved 34 points ( an average of 1.6 points per game ) and a goal difference of minus 1. In 12 games , Zola has achieved 6 points ( an average of 0.5 points per game ) and a goal difference of minus 13. Of course the excuse can be that Zola , is trying to produce a more attractive style of football, which is what a lot of bluenoses wanted. Unfortunately, we do not possess enough quality players, to do this. I believe we need 6 more points from the remaining 13 games, to avoid relegation, so maybe just maybe, even Zola could achieve this and then in the summer he could bring in the players who would be good enough, to play the football that he wants to play. I would imagine all of this, is being discussed by the directors, even the prospect of bringing a new manager in (Roy Hodgson ? ) If they are not discussing it, they are fools.

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