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by | 20 Mar 2017 | 1 comment

The club has decided that they no longer want an official Birmingham City fans forum so is now an independent Blues forum.  I don’t know the reason for the club’s decision and think it would be a good idea for someone to tell us.  If the club doesn’t make a statement, then the only reasons put forward will be those suggested by fans.  And the fans’ opinions I’ve read have included words such as contemptuous and stupid.

Here is the announcement that appeared on the forum:

“BCFC have decided that they no longer wish to be associated with an Official BCFC forum, and continue instead to communicate with fans via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst we are clearly disappointed with this decision, we were then left with a difficult decision of our own – to either abandon the forum completely, or to continue as an independent forum. In the end the decision was not really difficult, because we all agreed we did not want to let our membership down and wanted to continue, not just for the people who post on the forum, but also for the many people who read it.

We are extremely fortunate that the forum has always been hosted, and owned, independently from the BCFC Official site, because otherwise the club could just have pulled the plug.

Going forward, this could provide some positives, as there will be a new look to the forum. We may also look into creating Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will be able to loosen our shoestrings so to speak, without fear of repercussions – within reason of course, and in keeping with the high standards we have always tried to instil in the forum.

We hope all members will support us in our decision by continuing to use the forum, as we believe this is a great place for all Bluenoses around the world to communicate.”

1 Comment

  1. Robert Hughes

    This is all part of the double thrust to close down debate but increase propaganda output by the clubs new owners. This is not China and freedom of speech and opinion is an essential part of our (football) culture. Never was an independent forum more needed.

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