Acquisition of yet more shares in Birmingham City Plc

27 Apr 2017

We’ve told you recently about our two acquisitions of shares in Birmingham City PLc (BCPLC).  We have now obtained a third holding, bringing our total holding up to 2600.  We realise that this is only small in relation to the total number of shares that have been issued, and that strictly speaking, we only need one share to be able to attend shareholder meetings and express our views on matters of interest to our members. However,  we believe that the acquisition of shares is a statement of intent that we wish to invest in the future of our club and that we feel a sense of ownership of its traditions and history. We would like to continue to acquire shares in the future to the extent that opportunity and our resources allow.

If you are a shareholder in BCPLC and that you want them to go to a good home, then why not consider gifting them to the Blues Trust.  We can make it easy for you by dealing with the necessary paperwork.  All you would have to do is sign a pre‑prepared form and send it with the share certificate to the Registrar whose address we would provide.

If you would like more information, by all means contact us at

Bues Trust


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