New manager

19 Apr 2017 | 2 comments

Birmingham City supporters have shown their willingness to back their team whatever they think of owners or managers. We can’t predict the results of the next three games but, irrespective of supporters’ individual opinions about the appointment of Harry Redknapp as the new manager, we are confident that Blues fans will support the players on the pitch.

We believe that Gianfranco Zola did the right thing when he resigned and he showed courage in talking to the press about it. At that press conference, he mentioned “players who were scared to play” and it’s important for Redknapp and the coaches to find a way to reduce the fear factor. If they can do that then we should be able to pick up some points rather than relying on other teams losing. We hope we can all continue to support our team in the Championship next season.


  1. Paul Hawkins

    As far as Zola is concerned he should have quit weeks ago, It was clear it was never going to work. I always gave him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning and yes you could see tiny changes in the play despite us losing but in the end it got so bad.
    I think Harry Redknapp is a legend but surely his best days are behind him and at 70 years must be a short term solution. I dont mean any disrespect to Harry when i say that. Im still miffed why he didnt get the England job ahead of Mr Hodgson. Yes we will improve but is it too little to late and will we be ok in May.

  2. I Roth

    Wanted Zola to succeed but ultimately did not work out for him.We need to stay in this division and hopefully push on next season. Redknapp is a good choice for now. At the end of the season we can appoint a decent up and coming manager; maybe Rowett’s ghost.

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