Blues Trust – End of Season Statement

9 May 2017 | 7 comments

Blues Trust would like to congratulate the players and management of Birmingham City for ensuring the Club’s survival in the Football League Championship this season. We wish to offer our utmost gratitude to Harry Redknapp and his team for their excellent work in such a short space of time, and trust that the Board will move decisively to reward them with permanent roles.

The team’s final day success came as a welcome relief at the end of a very troubling season. The evidence of the team’s struggles since the turn of the year demands that some crucial lessons be learned, not least of the paramount importance of clear communication between the Club and its support.

The recent successes of AFC Wimbledon, Portsmouth and Brighton and Hove Albion provide a compelling demonstration of how close alliance of supporters and owners can readily translate to progress on the field.

Today, we urge the Board to begin putting processes in place to promote meaningful dialogue with the supporters via the Trust. We are certain that through cooperation we can build a relationship fit for a 21st century football club; that we can generate a positive symbiosis which enables the Club to not only represent but embolden the community that sustains it.

We are confident that the Club’s owners, Trillion Trophy Asia, hold Birmingham City’s best interests at heart, but wish to convey to them that only by establishing a purposeful connection with the fans – the Club’s emotional investors – can these good intentions be fully realised.

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to extend the hand of friendship to Trillion Trophy Asia and their charges. We wish to put behind us the difficulties of the last few months and forge a constructive new relationship born of collaboration and mutual respect.

We are optimistic that we can all work together for the long term benefit of the Club and its loyal supporters. We call upon the Board to help us to help them achieve our shared ambitions for Birmingham City Football Club.

Keep Right On

Blues Trust
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  1. jan

    very good comments,lets hope we can all work together for club

  2. Tmsblues

    Great comment but will Panos take any notice?. He has the opportunity but has he got the nouse or gonads to respond to the challenge. His employers wish to avoid loss of face almost took us to oblivion and Zola’s departure was way overdue. Throughout that traumatic period Panos made around 3 twitter comments and only when a result showed promise. This is not the way for a CEO to operate and the Trusts offer provides the opportunity for a long overdue formal and professional approach to communications going forward. I hope the offer is accepted.

  3. Paul Davis

    I just feel all this could have been avoided if first Rowett hadn’t been sacked and Zola had left sooner. It was clear the that it was never going to work under the man and harsh lessons need to be learned. We have a great opportunity to move forward with Harry and the rest of the management team, the basis of a good team is there and with 2 0r 3 new player then who knows.
    I also would like to remind that 3 of the teams in this years play offs had just finished above the bottom three last year so anything is possible.

  4. Pods

    Excellent message Clifford to the board.
    Yes we all need to pull together, learn from the seasons mistakes etc.
    With Harry and his team in charge, Im sure success will follow. The contacts in the game Harry has can only benefit us.


  5. Alan Richards

    This is an excellent statement of how the Club & its supporters can co-operate for the benefit of the team. Mr P.P. however has so far shown no ability to fulfil that role and has appeared to run away when the going got tough. It’s all very good tweeting when things are going well; what is needed is a close and honest co-operation at all times. The fans knew that Zola was a great player and a pretty poor manager before he set foot in here. They also know that Harry Redknapp is exactly the type of managers that we Brummies love; not only can he inspire his players, he can inspire the supporters with passion that is infectious. I will be bitterly disappointed if he isn’t our manager soon.

  6. John

    Harry Rednapp and his team would , very importantly, be able to attract a higher calibre of players to add to the squad. His knowledge and i’m sure contacts in the game, would raise the profile of the club immensely. The Championship is a very difficult league and to achieve promotion, the club needs all the help it can get. It will of course cost a lot of money, but Chris Houghton has proved that with good management and sensible spending, promotion can be achieved. If TTA listen , to what the Blues Trust are saying to them, the reason why they spent so much time investigating the club’s finances , will result, financially, in time well spent !

  7. Paul Hawkins

    We know the Blues have the potential to be huge and yes bigger that that lot down the road. The club is crying out for somebody to take it and help fulfill the potential. It has amazing supporters who love and adore the club, you only had to see the last two games for proof, they alone deserve success. The fans have stuck by the club thru the worse times and all they ask for in return is honesty and a team that will give their all for the badge.
    The day Rowett was sacked was an awful decision, a gamble that backfired big time. I was willing to give Zola time and the benefit of the doubt but it was pretty obvious it was never gonna work. He just didnt have the know how or ideas to turn it around and it was clear the players were frustrated. We now have a second chance with Harry and his staff to finally push the club forward. I am also an admirer of Steve Cotterill who is well admired within the game as a coach. Only time will tell in the future if he has the ability to succeed being a manager.
    I want to thank our amazing fans for the recent weeks and im proud to say they are up their with the best for being passionate and loud. Even after supporting my Blues for over 40 years, the hairs on the back of my neck still stands up when i hear the whole of St Andrews sing ‘Keep Right On’.
    Its something we should all be proud off because no other club can ever come close for how loud it is.

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