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One of the questions that Blues Trust asked at the supporters forum on May 16th was about communication. Many Birmingham City fans have said that they would like the club to communicate more, to talk about their plans and explain the reasons for their actions. So, we asked if the directors had any plans to increase their engagement with supporters next season. The staff present at the meeting understood our concerns and said that our message would be conveyed back to the directors.

Panos Pavlakis was not present at that meeting and yesterday’s announcement of his resignation makes it easy to understand why he was not there.  The article about his resignation in the Birmingham Mail said that he was visible, “In a regime that lurked in the shadows, he was the public face of the football club. Hopefully someone will step into that role because the good people at the club deserve representation and the fans deserve to hear from somebody.”  I agree.


  1. Williammorgan

    We do not have to be married to the owners or directors , but we do need to know that we all have the same aim in mind the success of Birmingham city football team …the club does not have to throw silly money to get to our aim , but for us to get there we must all know if the left hand is working in unison with the right …as a family , and as a well oiled machine …..letting Rowett go would have only been excepted if everybody with the club believed the new manager was a proven better manager than Rowett as Harry is excepted now the trust says communication is very important … kro

  2. carlos1875

    They take our money they won’t talk to us they are more concerned about corporate guests that come and go it’s us the die hard fans that will be there at the end of the road so TTA PANOS has gone come and talk to us that’s all we ask what have you got to hide or do you just want our money with out us the club will fold you will have nothing to sell and you have ripped the heart out of bcfc

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