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Supporters Forum meetings provide an opportunity for fans to meet with Rachele Johnson, Birmingham City’s Supporter Liaison Officer, and ask questions. The questions are pre-submitted and other members of staff sometimes attend the meetings to give answers. The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 15, before the Bolton game.

When Blues Trust board members meet on August 1, we’ll be talking about which questions to submit to the Supporters Forum. I expect we will discuss the Code of Conduct recently produced by the Club. This outlines what is expected of officially recognised supporters’ groups that are invited to send representatives to the Forum meetings.

I can understand the need to clarify the Club’s relationship with supporters’ groups; there are so many of us. It is entirely legitimate to have different groups for difference purposes. Some, such as the Redditch and New Zealand clubs, cater for fans living in a particular place. Others have a distinct purpose, for example Blues 4 All who aim to bring communities together by bringing local fans to games. Blues Trust aims to increase supporter involvement and influence at the club.  Some groups have members that need to pay something to join; other groups are more informal and fans can follow online. It would be great if all the groups could work together as a team but that seems unlikely. We are argumentative, opinionated football fans so there is banter and bickering. It can’t be easy for the Club to decide which ones to officially recognise.

Let us know if you have any suggestions on what questions you would like us to ask at the Supporters Forum. You can make a comment on this post or email me at Click here for links to the minutes of previous meetings.


  1. Dave from W.A.

    Is the blues wall commentary available again with Colin tattum through out the season. So the supporters around the world can login ? Or has all this changed. Living in Australia it would be disastrous not just for myself but for lots of other bluenoses here if we have to SUBSCRIBE to blues tv and HOPEFuLLY get commentary.

  2. Keith

    Agree. Blues wall please. I spend time abroad and my mate Robs texts live from St A plus wall keeps me my sons and grandson up to the minute

  3. Margaret

    We have heard from the club that Commentary will be provided – It probably won’t be Colin but another member of the Media Team.
    The International subscription for Blues TV is more expensive as it includes matches that will be live streamed to subscribers abroad (as long as the fixture hasn’t been picked by production companies for broadcast).
    FAQs on the website provide further details

  4. AdamTrueBlue

    Sorry but the new live commentary is not a patch on the old commentary by Tatts, a definate step backwards. Please sort it out.

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