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Birmingham City supporters and the owners of the Club have different opinions on what constitutes good communication.  This was indicated by questions and answers at the August Supporters Forum.  Here is a quote from the minutes:

“Q. Why are the business side of the Club quiet once again? The person who took Panos’ role seems to have little to no public presence, we really need to be knowing who owns us after the last debacle.

A. We don’t feel it has been quiet. The closed season is always busy with pre-season friendlies, signings etc. and news has been released through the official media channels. There are some things that we would not release and make public (such as transfer information) as it would be detrimental to our efforts. An example, if a rival Club was to find out a target the price would instantly increase. Panos was particularly active on social media but that was his decision and were his personal views. Not all the owners/directors have that same personality and are as active on social media. Regarding knowing who owns the Club –Trillion Trophy Asia own roughly 70%, the rest being owned by shareholders.

Q. At the forum in May, it was pointed out that the supporters would like more communication from the Board. A commitment was made that this message would be conveyed to the Board. Has there been any response to that?

A. When statements are released by the Club via official media channels these are in theory direct communications from the Board. Harry Redknapp is also a spokesperson of the Club. It will be relayed to the Board that fans would like to see a direct representative of the Board/Owners on occasion.”

(Click here to read the minutes of the Forum.)

Daniel Ivery, in his explanation of why he is writing another book says this:

“Right now the club is buttoned up tighter than ever and as such information is at a premium. The local Birmingham press is under the control of a huge media conglomerate which cares more about clicks and page impressions than actual news.

While it’s not a complete vacuum, I think we have less of an understanding than ever of who owns BCFC and what their motives for the club are. I know that not everyone shares my view, but I think it’s important that we do everything we can to protect our club – and that means understanding everything that goes on, the good and the bad.”

Blues fans will have different views on this. Some will judge the owners by what happens on the pitch and will be happy as long as the team does well. Others, like me, want to know more about the people who make the decisions and will keep asking questions.


  1. Eric Jones

    Thank you TRUST. The owners are silent and Harry is not an owner. I sounds like this is the way the Chinese work – it may work in a communist country but not in a democratic country. Keep up the good work and KEEP RIGHT ON.

  2. John

    It would appear that the owners, whoever they are, clearly think, that season ticket holders and any other supporters, should be seen and not heard. They clearly do not understand ,that supporters, are the life blood of any football club. Their way of life is far removed from ours, not allowed to speak their minds, so they say nothing, for fear of reprisals. I would think, their only interest in BCFC is financial. If the club ever won anything, their response would be, good, how much money are we going to get.

  3. alan Watton

    Understand the concerns but with Harry in charge plenty of out put is forthcoming. Press are the real villains. Anything negative,print it. Anything positive ignore it. Truth not interested. BTW cannot find Nigeria outside top 50

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