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by | 4 Sep 2017 | 2 comments

Many Birmingham City fans, including Blues Trust, have said that they would like the club to communicate more so we welcome the statement about the spending on transfers.  In this, they say: “Blues have undergone a major transformation, with the owners showing the ambition and providing resources to help create an exciting, new-look side under Redknapp.” The message seems to be that we should judge them on what they do, not on what they say on social media. As Brian Dick said, they are “putting their money where their mouths aren’t.”

The message from Harry Redknapp is that the transformation is going to take time. Football is a team game: it takes time for players to get to know each other and learn how to play together. Harry has asked us to “judge this team after 20-odd games” and said, “I think you’ll see a very different Birmingham. It’s going to be a team worth watching.”  We hope so.


  1. Harry Lauder

    A very sensible article, could not agree more. Personally, I am glad that we have not paid inflated prices or signed players that are passed their best. I like our management team and believe that we will have a decent season. Whether that ends in promotion or not is not critical to me (obviously I hope we do) . I think we have embarked on a new and brighter future which will, eventually, be successful.

  2. Colin

    Whilst I appreciate and support the work of The Blues Trust, I also respect and appreciate the work the new Board/Owners and Management Team are doing. Mistakes have been and will continue to be made, the only people who don’t make mistakes are those that do nothing at all.

    I think we all forget that China was for decades a closed society, a society in which secrecy was fore-most and openness rare, that is not a criticism of modern China but I think relevant to some facets still of its way of life and Business. Our precise Ownership is also in transition from TTA to apparent new Owners who will need time to formalise matters and which they can only do when the 2 year TTA commitment to E+Y has expired.

    I don’t think the recent Daily Mail articles about Chinese Owners should worry us as much as others as (a) we are set up from HK which operates under significantly different rules at least for another 20-30 years after the 1999 agreement and also because we are effectively run by Companies based Offshore in BVIslands. Clearly the likes of Fosun and Dr Xia may be more worried and should be.

    As HR has said, time now to do the talking on the pitch, he has been backed like no other Blues manager in recent times and although some signings slipped the net we have a nice mix of youth (on loan); experience and a number we have purchased for good fees who have both experience at this level and the scope to still improve.

    My only concern is not with HR or the Board but with the Coaching set up, rumours of at least 2 departed players having spats with Mr Bond seem widely known. I still think the cream on the Blues cake would be to bring Steve Cotterill in as “Head Coach” and to move Harry upstairs to Director Of Football. That could both improve the Coaching and day to day management structure and also prolong Harry’s involvement in the areas he most enjoys being wheeling and dealing and the media side.

    KRO and keep up the good work Blues Trust

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