Harry Redknapp Sacking – Statement

Sep 18, 2017 | 8 comments

Like most Blues fans, we were very surprised and disappointed to hear of Harry Redknapp’s sudden dismissal on Saturday evening. The team’s start to the season has been less than ideal, but then so had the summer’s preparation, which proved unusually difficult for even an experienced manager to assemble the squad he desired in good time. This set us on the back foot, as was predicted, and the busy Championship schedule does not offer much respite for teams a few steps behind.

Having completed so much of our transfer business on the window’s final day, it would only appear logical to have afforded the manager and his staff time to find the right blend. We had already witnessed some encouraging signs prior to Saturday’s setback.

Instead we must begin the search for our fourth manager in less than twelve months. Football clubs only ever enjoy lasting success through consistency and careful planning. The legacy of instability is failure, as evidenced by the abundance of historically powerful teams that currently languish in the lower reaches of the second tier.

We therefore call upon the Board to take their time in order to make the right appointment, and to make use of whatever expertise or experience available to them to ensure that they attract a manager capable of implementing a long-term strategy for success. Whoever this is will require not only the full support of and clear direction from the Board, but also their patience whilst the necessary adjustments are made.

The Trust would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Harry Redknapp and his team for their hard work, not only in saving Blues from relegation last season, but also in equipping the Club with a squad of promising players which we are certain can still make a positive impact this term. We wish him and his staff all the best for the future.

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  1. Sausage n egg

    POW… Bang up to date

  2. Alan

    Personal opinion in replacing Harry, if you are looking at taking a well known face then take not this may only be temporary solution. A few bad results and we can be faced with another situation like now. We want experience but someone who can guide our team and not just looking for a big pay manager may be a big mistake

    Hope this is something the board will consider

  3. nicko

    well said totally agree

  4. Stan Drews

    While I was shocked and disappointed by the sacking, I would like to express my concerns with Harry,
    1 The short term, instant attempt at success with little concern for future seasons which you have already expressed.
    2 The chasing of unrealistic transfer targets, until there was little time left to get players in.
    3 Harry suggested after Saturday, division between new and old players. Wasn’t that always likely, especially after constantly saying the current players aren’t good enough.

  5. Michael

    Lee Carsley took Brentford from just above the relegation zone to play offs in 9 games before they appointed Dean Smith !

    I don’t think Carsley is looking at a long term managerial role more of a coaching role !

    Our next manager needs to tick a few boxes

    1) Won Promotion from either EFL or Chanpionship before
    2) Be British or speak extremely good English
    3) pick a formation and stick to it using the best players for each position with strong competition for each position
    4) Be relatively young and
    ambitious ! No premier league drop outs / sacked passed down 2nd
    5) Managed at a high standard within the past 2 years so they have an understanding of modern football and preferably the Championship
    6 ) not be afraid to make difficult decisions ! If it’s not working change it. Don’t wait. Change it
    7) Be an attack minded forward thinking manager, who uses pressure high up the field to force mistakes and allow the defence to control the half way line especially at home

    Thank you

    • Eric Jones

      Great – definitiely British with Championship experience.

  6. John

    Maybe we will hear from Harry at a later date, that the people charged with bringing in the players he wanted, let him down. It appeared other clubs in the championship were bringing new players in, with little or no problem. As a result of the delays in bringing players in, Harry started the season with only a couple of new faces and then two games after the window closed, he was sacked. From what we have read, the present board have no knowledge of football and it would appear they have been advised by people of a similar standing.

  7. Andrew

    Harry got sold down the river. Couldn’t get anyone over the line in the close season because we was trying to do things on the cheap waiting until deadline week to get his squad together.How many players did we hear saying they came because of the drawer of Harry. We had 6 players make their debut at Norwich and another tricky fixture at Leeds which in my opinion we were never going to get anything from either games trying to bed in so many new players. So then we come to Saturday’s game v Preston which is game 8 nearly a fifth of the season in, we played well in the first half and capitulated in the second in which we looked what we are, a teamful of strangers.The board has completely lost its bottle to sack Harry when he never once got his first 11 out due to injuries. Truly awful decision to sack him.

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