Another view on Millwall policing

Oct 24, 2017 | 2 comments

We asked Nick Glynn what he thought about the policing of the Millwall game on Saturday. He is a Blues supporter and a retired senior police officer. He is an expert witness on police use of force, and was a football commander and adviser for nearly two decades.

He told us that

  • the decision to insert police horses into a crowded, fenced in space was dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury. This should be subject to a post-match review, with the views of supporters taken into account.
  • coin throwing is unacceptable and dangerous; those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.
  • claims of there being ‘a riot’, ‘disgusting scenes’ etc are inaccurate. There was a spectacle at London Bridge and not really much more than that. Huge police numbers drew attention to the mere escorting of football fans from a pub to a football stadium.

You can follow Nick on Twitter (@nickglynn).


  1. dean johnson

    The Police reaction was ridiculous, dangerous and caused panic amongst the horses and fans. I’m not surprised the police were pelted with coins, they pretty much asked for it and seemed intent on starting a riot. 99.9% of fans were there solely to see a football match and were treated like animals. The police deserved all the abuse they received from us

  2. Margaret

    I don’t think throwing coins is the right way to react; it is dangerous. The riot police and mounted police were obeying orders and the main criticism should be directed at whoever gave those orders. I do agree that using the horses in a crowded area was dangerous.

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