The gamble that didn’t pay off

Dec 14, 2017 | 8 comments

It has been a year since Birmingham City announced that Gary Rowett had parted company with the club.

Blues Trust members, like the rest of the football community, were stunned by the decision. It was a decision of such magnitude that the reverberation can still be felt now, as succinctly summarised this week by Brian Dick in the Evening Mail.   At the time we said that it felt like a risky gamble, and one which threw the future of the club in doubt.

Twelve months on the future of the club is no clearer, with uncertainty and discontent on and off the pitch. The turn of the year is always a time for looking forward, and Blues Trust would like us all to use this opportunity to start thinking about what sort of Club we want Birmingham City to be.


  1. John

    A successful one. One, whose directors, get and take advice, from someone within the football industry, on how to run a football league club. Preferably, some one not connected, in any way, with our own club.

    • Hugh Jorgan

      The absolute biggest joke of a decision in my Blues supporting life. Pavlakis was a weird mug who thought he was being clever.

  2. Williammorgan

    The trouble was that GR run a very physical side because that’s all he had ,,,which tired half way through the season the lack of good passing players to save racing around the pitch took it’s toll…Gary lacked influence in the transfer market at higher level hence Zola ….but not enough transfer money to make a difference .. and so failed in his attempt to change the system ….not liked by many fans and the club fell ….enter Harry the hero …to be fair his first choice players mostly wasn’t signed and he mostly had a clear up with like for like second choice players …enter Steve Cotterill to steady the ship …steve has chose the Alex McLeish way of being nearly all defensive which in the end brought us down …we now need creators ,and a proven striker that can pass and head a ball and a very fast defensive central midfield player to stop us getting caught on the break …thats my opinion …

  3. chris springett

    Isn’t this a case of Hindsight goggles? But now we do need a Rowett type as we’re only heading one way at this moment in time.

  4. Hugh Jorgan

    Chris aren’t all comments based on a past event hindsight?

  5. Colin Whitehouse

    The club has known for 3 years or midfield players are some of the least skill full and immobile players in the championship.. We replace them like for like under Mr Dean.. Had from a good source he’s lining his pockets and if the deals don’t suit him the deal is lost
    Time for him to go

  6. Hugh Jorgan

    How much does it cost to join the Trust?

    • Peter Bull

      Hi Hugh
      Our membership with voting rights costs £5 per year, £10 for 2 years or £20 for 5 years (5 years for the price of 4). Alternatively, we have a free e-membership with no voting rights. All the membership information and options are at this link.
      We need a lot more members. The more we have, the stronger our voice.
      Peter – Blues Trust

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