David Harewood has joined Blues Trust

by 23, Feb 2018Blues Trust, News3 comments

We’re delighted to announce that Hollywood actor and lifelong Bluenose David Harewood has joined Blues Trust. We’d like to thank David for his endorsement and ongoing support, and reiterate our intention to speak up for our fellow supporters as we seek answers to the questions dogging our club.

His Twitter feed is @DavidHarewood


  1. Roger Lawrence

    What’s going on at bcfc


    hi David , I used to see you and your pals playing footi outside Saltly, BT stores, gates.
    what you have done for yourself is a great example to all ,
    I cannot give you enough acculade. well done davi old man now norman

  3. Peter Frazier

    Support the club now and comment later we need to stay in the Championship.

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