Thanks to all those who have recently joined or re-joined Blues Trust because you share our belief that fans are important and should be heard. We need answers about the direction the club is going. It’s our short term aim to get proper answers to fans from the club board of directors about what their aims are and how they plan to achieve them.

Some of you have listed skills that you could use to help us and we will be in touch though it may take us a few days to email you.  My apologies to any who listed skills months ago and never got a response; I’m checking old emails and will try to contact you.  Send me a reminder email if you want.



For those who would like to help but are not sure how, here’s a list.


Sign up as an e-member. Receive our newsletters. Contribute as and when you like – the more noise we generate and the larger our e-presence the better
Retweet, retweet, retweet! Retweet, share, like what you like. Comment whether you agree or disagree. Bring friends into the discussion – tag journalists, celebrity fans, ex-players. Tell them what’s going on. Spread the word!
Sign up as a voting member and join the decision-making process Pay £5 and have a say in how Blues Trust is run.
Attend meetings You need the time and inclination to do so.
Volunteer to give out leaflets etc before matches You may need a thick skin!
Make a donation Our accounts are published annually so you can see how your money is spent
Lend us your skills! Are you a graphic designer, musician, blogger or vlogger? Do you make, sell or do anything that the Trust might benefit from, or know someone who does? Do as little or as much as you like, from writing blog posts to helping us expand our reach. Get in touch:
Put up for election to Blues Trust Board We need more Board members willing to donate blood, sweat and tears for the cause. Elections are conducted at the AGM in Autumn.

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  1. dave butler

    *f you can get me some news letters done, i can hand them out at forest on saturday…

    dave b

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