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22, Feb 2018 | 8 comments

We are all extremely concerned and disappointed after Tuesday’s troubling result, and hope that next Saturday will offer an opportunity to put things right.

However, Blues’ humbling defeat cannot be taken in isolation and must be viewed within the context of our rotten form over the last fourteen months.

Poor decision-making behind the scenes always filters onto the field, and more often than not results in a team falling down the table. Simply changing  players and management is rarely enough to stop the decline.

It is entirely obvious to anyone concerned that Birmingham City’s problems relate directly to a failure of Board level management. These problems will persist to the club’s detriment unless the underlying issues are properly addressed.

The last year has been characterised by negligent deficiencies in both recruitment strategy and long-term planning, and the time has come for us as fans to challenge this.

We know that the people on the ground at Blues are committed, dedicated and have been doing an admirable job under difficult circumstances for too long now. They deserve our support.

Over the last six months, Blues Trust has made repeated efforts in various ways to make contact with those currently installed in the Club’s executive. Regrettably this has been to little effect.

In the coming months, Blues Trust will be looking to work with friends and colleagues in order to turn up the volume.

We accept that, of late, the Trust has been fairly quiet, but rest assured that we’ve been working very hard indeed on your behalf to have your voices heard. What we need is as many of those voices as possible to join the call. We need to be big enough not ignore.

Blues’ social media streams tell us that we all feel the same way: frustrated, angry, disappointed at how the club we love is being carelessly run by faceless owners with scant regard for its past, present or future. We must channel those energies into a single focus – putting pressure on the people behind the scenes to deliver answers to the fans and get Blues back on the right road.

The question is not what the Trust can do for you, but what you can do for the Trust. Join us. Get in touch, tell us what skills you have and how you can help. We are working on it – and we want you to work with us.

Keep Right On

Blues Trust


  1. John

    This article sums up the reason for Blues decline over the past two years. The fault lies entirely with the directors, who quite clearly, know little about running a football club. Because they know nothing about football, they do not understand how it affects the lives of the supporters. Usually, once somebody gets involved with a football club, they support them, through thick and thin, for the rest of their life. If and when, the directors come to understand this, maybe their running of the club will improve. But I fear their only interest, is how much they can gain financially. If that is the case and they keep running the club the way they are doing at the moment, they, and the club, are the road to financial ruin.

  2. Matthew Dawes

    This has been going on for nearly 8 years now and all began the moment CY and his team walked in, the new ownership appears to be no different! We must be the only fans in the world that do not make our voices heard in this instead we blame the easy targets i.e. the players and managers. It is about time someone somewhere got some answers on Paul Suens intentions, his plans and thoughts on how he can rebuild a failing football club his fellow countrymen destroyed over 4-5 years. So many clubs fans have made their voices heard with demonstrations and chanting, even banners to get their message across. Fan power is so powerful yet we as a club do not use it… why?? For shame on those that forced Gold and Sullivan out because nothing will change with this football club until someone comes in to buy the football club (not the listing) who actually wants to own a football and has a clear plan.

  3. Brett james

    Whilst I agree board level is not the greatest but you cannot shy away from the fact the manager takes no responsibility for the shirt comings on the pitch. 35 million spent and the most of our players would get into strong sides in this division somewhere or another. I don’t care who signed who and the excuses for poor displays, he is out if his depth and it shows. We all know the system played does not accommodate the players we have and he is asking players to play a way they are not comfortable with. I could rant on for ages but you cannot mug off supporters who have an opinion or basic understanding of the game. Ask yourself this, if we had mick McCarthy, Alex Neil, Neil Warnock, Gary rowett, Nigel clough, Phil Parkinson or any other manager in the league with our squad – would we be where we are now. The answer is no

  4. Simon Ward

    I see that the sneering elite of the self styled “biggest and best” forum SHA are out in force. If that attitude worked we would have won The Champions’ League by now.

    Full marks to the Trust and others such as OP/Dan, I will be joining you in the fight.

  5. Sausage n egg

    The fact that Blues fans seem to have a “Thats who we are attitude were Blues and that’s what we do” is part of the reason owners can do as they wish with no comeback .bad publicity will be something Chinese will not like …. We need to be in the news other teams fans don’t put up with this posh and just shrug shoulders? SHA is full of w anchors with big egos to busy being (failing ) smart arses. I salute the Trust and hope you find a way to make stuff happen that grabs headlines ( don’t rely on the scummy BM vile rag)

  6. Eric Jones

    Thanks to the Trust for your efforts. History tells us foreign ownership by a country that does not play soccer is not working. I always regretted how fans turned on Sullivan and Gold – so I guess fans helped cause the problems we have. If the Board cares they need to communicate with the Trust and Blues fans. If they do not do this they are indeed useless owners. Look after your customers – or is this not the Chinese way?

  7. Gary Williams

    I have been following the Blues over 50 years now and to be fair I have witnessed more lows than highs. Apart from the Wheldon days the situation at the club is very disheartening. For me it started the day the foreign owners took over, the heart of the club as been ripped out. I fear this may be the season we finally go down, having witnessed the total capitulation on Tuesday I fear the players and the awful manager we have realise it as well. I know we let our feelings known under the Yeung era that fell on death ears and I feel it will be the same with our current owners. This club doesn’t deserve the fans it has I can’t name one club with such tolerant fans but more than ever we now need to pull together and let our owners realise enough is enough and be as vocal as possible. We want our club back

    • Gav

      As I do not believe sc is the right man for the job he is not helped by the squad of players. We are a big club still! Fantastic fans! Real fans! Me personally want to see a player that grafts, wears his heart on his sleeve and puts it all on the line for 90 odd mins, sometimes it wont go to plan and there might be a miss pass or a goal scoring chance wasted, but if they work hard show some passion and desire and show what it means to wear that shirt, then we will will back them! All I ask for is standards! Don’t let us the fans down! Because the blues fans will never let a blues player down! Keep right on!

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