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3 Mar 2018 | 4 comments

Many thanks to all those extra Blues Fans joining the Blues Trust. Having more members does make our voice louder. Also please remember Blues Trust is a democratic organization. New members that want to play a more active part and to have an input into the direction taken by the Trust should consider joining the Board. Each year any paid member can stand for election to the Board, with all members having a vote. We are also able to co-opt such members onto the Board during the year.

The speculation on almajir.net that there is change within the higher levels of management at the club / holding company could be construed that our voice is being heard. Our speculation that there are difficulties at Board level seems to be right. The changes may be a good sign that the problems of the past are being recognized and that the board is gaining the necessary experience of English football to improve their decision-making. As supporters, we need to recognize that it is not possible to rebuild either the team or the club in a day. It can be done with stability, sensible decisions and time. We truly hope that this is the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and not a train coming the other way to run us over.

The other glimmer of light is that the club accept fan engagement can be improved and are willing to listen to supporters groups in how this is taken forward. Realistically we would expect progress with this to be made in May and through the close season.

If we take the positive view that things are changing and there will be better fan engagement, then we need to understand this will not be an instant fix and accept it will take some time. However we will need to remain vigilant in asking questions and expecting answers in order to test and confirm the theory that things are changing. We will continue to ask the hard questions:

  • how secure is the financial future of the club?
  • who really owns the club and who makes the decisions?
  • what is the position regarding Financial Fair Play?

Having said this, one of the key objectives of the Trust is and will continue to be to establish a regular, constructive, respectful and supportive dialogue with the club to provide meaningful communication between the club and its supporters.

In the meantime the most urgent priority for all of us is avoiding relegation. We call on the players to show their effort and desire to inspire the fans, and we call on the fans to show our support to inspire the players – let’s change the dynamic and make sure we stay up.

We absolutely know that the supporters will fulfil a vital role. This week we remembered one of the most glorious moments in our history, where the sheer will of the fans flooded onto the pitch and helped the players give absolutely everything to lift the cup. It’s going to go to the wire again, and we know what a difference that famous Blues support can make.

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  1. John

    You’re doing a great job, but we need a lot more members before the Club will really start to take notice, and that means 1k+ membership. Perhaps it’s time to get some flyers printed and handed out with volunteers and/or programme sellers at the next couple home games?

    In the meantime everyone just needs to get behind all the players and manager; whoever plays (including N’Doye) and whoever is the manager (including SC). Birmingham City Football Club and avoiding relegation is much more important than any player or manager, and giving 100% support throughout the 90 minutes is what we need. Boo, catcall, do whatever AFTER the final whistle, but the least we can do is give everything for the team during the game….



    • cliff

      With you on that John

    • Courtney Walcott

      Still waiting for someone to post the trusts aims and objectives on bcfcforum.co.uk

  2. dave butler

    I gave out them postcard flyers on the train cliff, in two bars and left a few on the bar in the forest ground.
    one pub i was in were not too happy, then realised why they were being used as paper planes, it was a forest home pub…

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