Supporters Forum

I attended the Supporters Forum on Thursday. It was good to see so many heads of departments and especially Edward Zheng Gannan, a Board Member, answering fans questions. We will circulate the minutes of the meeting when they are available from the club.

I can report that there was a very positive attitude for the team and manager for next season. Many match day and operational issues were discussed including catering, stewarding, ticketing and Blues TV. The issue of disabled facilities was also debated and AccessiBlues will be doing more work with the club regarding possible improvements. Blues Trust will be meeting with the club to discuss best practice in fan engagement.

There were several enquiries regarding Financial Fair Play regulation and the impact it may have on the club. We were advised that, like many other championship clubs, the club is mindful of the regulations and in contact with the EFL regarding this. However, it is not an issue that affects the business of BCFC and we were reassured that it is business as usual.

Looking forward we were assured that Garry Monk and his team will be supported in their work to improve performance, results and work on finding the right players for the right positions is already underway.

Cliff Horrocks
Chair, Blues Trust


  1. Paul Hawkins

    I do believe that the ownerscould do more on a regular basis to inform supporters on issues such as the FFP etc instead of having to rely on rumours. The fans are doing there part by turning up and supporting the team so the very least we deserve is to be kept informed regularly.

    • Frank Crockett

      I do agree with you, as we (supporters)have to rely on whispers and comment through social media. Very nice to see the chairman in attendance.

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