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It’s good to see a statement from the club; we call for better communication and silence condemns BCFC Board to rumour and speculation. It is wrong to expect confidential details of finances to be given in a public statement and we have to accept an element of blandness and corporate speak. However, we should expect it to be correct.

Having said that there is an uncomfortable feeling that the fans are not been respected by the Board. Firstly, because the Statement is very late. This could have been said when the embargo rumour broke and should have been said prior to that so the club are letting fans know the situation before we find out from investigative reporting and pressure builds until staying silent is untenable. Secondly, the statement contains the line about no further comment will be made; a better line would have been ‘We will update fans as matters progress’.

Blues Trust repeat their invitation to Board Members to meet and find ways to improve fan engagement though the principles of Structured Dialogue, ensuring compliance with EFL regulation 112.

Blues Trust


  1. Mark

    Sell season tickets then announce we are in the crapper.

    Monk will walk.


    • tracey tyler

      As a Season Ticket holder I agree, they tried to pull the wool over everyones eyes by changing the name of the Ground and Stadium and saying it was a new start with new finance when in fact it was just like a Company going Bankrupt and starting a new one and leaving the debts behind.They tried to fool the EFL but it did not wash, they only ones they fooled were the loyal supporters and Monk. Just hope he does not walk and tries to build a team around what we have left and the kids but I think he has been made to look a complete idiot with the Pederson episode.

  2. PB

    Left it until 4 days to address the fans, on any way shape or form. People will have purchased season tickets on the basis that things were OK behind the scenes in terms of finances and the ability to spend them Monk said earlier in the window that wet here was scope to do business. I’m a massive fan of Monk for obvious reasons but he’s been lied to there. We only see Ren as the face so where to label the blame is almost impossible.

    We’ve got the best manager we’ve had for a while and we’re sh*****g on him from a great height. If he hasn’t been lied to then he shouldn’t have said there was scope to do business unless he knew for sure

    I know people who have busted their arses to get season tickets this coming year when things appeared rosy, I can’t for the life of me begin to believe that the club have been confident of being able to spend this summer.

    The lack of communication. (Whilst i’m aware the club and the EFL do not HAVE to realease Information regarding the embargo) is terrible. Surely following work by the Blues Trust and many other sources have made the board aware that the majority want more fan liaison and communication. I hate the way us supporters have to just sit there and deal with what happens.

    I’m sorry, this news isn’t news to me as its been pretty clear for a while, but we deserve better than this. Some clubs listen to its fan base, not all, but some! I’m fed up of wishing Blues will be the same

    My suupport of course will remain

  3. Tom Bermingham

    Typical from these terrible owners do they realy want the ban lifted I don’t think so Gary Monk will walk we are in the brown and smelly

  4. Peter bates

    Had chance to get it sorted gary monk must be fuming and who would blame him if he walked away from this shambles hope he doesn’t go fans will get behind him and the players but once again faceless people thousands of miles away are ruining our club find a buyer and sell it tta we dont deserve this crap neither do gm and players

  5. tracey tyler

    As a Season Ticket holder I feel terribly let down because the Board KNEW we in trouble with the FFP as soon as last season finished and that is why the name changes of the Stadium and the Training ground.They tried to pull the wool over everyones eyes inc Monk by saying there would be funds available when in theory it was just like a Company going Bankrupt and stating up again in another name. They thought they could fool the EFL but it did not wash, the only ones the fooled were the loyal supporters who they did say anything about this mess until they had bought there Season Tickets and Monk who looks pretty foolish now by buying Pederson who he probably cannot play. All we can hope for is for Monk to stay and build a good team around the decent players we have left and hope that the kids step up to the mark.

  6. Terry Wilcox

    Whilst this ‘news’ is extremely unwelcome, and appears to represent a stalemate between the club and the EFL, the timing is no more or less than we can expect from a business, and let’s not forget BCFC is a business. Clearly if we had been able to sell Kuszczak or Stockdale this would have gone some way to addressing the issue, and whilst it seems strange to sell both senior GK’s, again, if they don’t fit in to our long term plans and they are among the higher wage earners, then they are valid options to balance the books and meet the EFL requirements.

    But a business will not do it’s business in public, if the club had told us all along what it was trying to do then it would also have been telling our competitors and, as far as transfers are concerned, our suppliers and customers; not a very healthy bargaining position, hence why the EFL will have been keeping quiet as well, they can not be seen to interfere in the club’s business.

    If you recall a few weeks ago how surprised we all where to hear about new investors across the expressway, none of that was done in public yet negotiations must have been on going behind the scenes.

    So, as a ST holder for the last 20 years I will continue to support that part of the business that means most to me, the team, both on the pitch, on the training ground and at Stan’s; as long as they continue with their efforts both on and off the pitch as we have seen this year, then all I can do is turn up and cheer them on no matter what team we put out (apart from Norwich, I’m afraid I’ll still be shadebathing on Rhodes).

    And remember,KRO!

  7. Ritchiebluerich

    This just confirms that we cannot compete even with mid table championship clubs now. All the hype of selling the stadium naming rights to raise funds appears to be a sham these owners have lost face with the club, the management team,the the players and the rest of the EFL. How embassing we look

  8. Sausae n Egg

    I would like to know what reason is behind buying a football club and ruining it? Why would you put a bloke in charge with a track record like Ren? why would you give him money? Lets hope he gets a warm Blues welcome when his ugly little mug pops up

  9. John

    The EFL have announced new regulations for the coming season. At least one player who has graduated with the club to be included on the team sheet, red and yellow cards for managers and assistants who transgress on the touchline. Yet they still allow people who know nothing about the financial side of football in England, or the way its run, to own and take control of a club like Birmingham. People who have conducted their business in another country, which appear to have no regulatory controls, of how they conduct their business, should be investigated thoroughly before being allowed to take control of a club.

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