It’s time for clarity

“Every club would like to bring players in from day one but there are situations where it’s not possible”. Garry Monk’s words. A sympathetic understanding of a situation the club are trying their utmost to rectify? Or a warning shot to his bosses?

It would be understandable if Monk was becoming restless. After all, he took the job on a promise of financial backing should he keep the club in the Championship. The manager stuck to his side of the bargain…

Monk has been working on his contingency plan and while a handful of young players have lifted spirits with their impressive pre-season performances, he has scratched his head as transfer targets move on to their new surroundings.

Every club has issues but most deal with them much quicker and more effectively than Birmingham City. Take that lot down the road as an example. After missing out on promotion, they were confronted with a desperate cost-cutting exercise. They needed investment. Within a few weeks, a takeover was ratified. Because Aston Villa must have someone who understands the workings of their football club and what it needs.

Blues don’t have that. Instead, there is one man walking from one disaster to the next and clinging on to power by a thread.

Eventually, he will make one wrong move too many. The fans are running out of patience with Xuandong Ren – not just the hash he makes of running our club but the drastic lack of communication. Clarity is all we ask for.

Yesterday, QPR ‘reached a settlement with the Football League for breaching Financial Fair Play rules’. It has cost them £42m and a transfer embargo running until January.

A similar punishment for Blues could have devastating consequences.

Rob Wildey

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  1. alex hurley

    Agree this is the latest in a long list of incompetence.

    Not sure how valid the comparison to Villa’s ownership situation is though. They are locked in the cubicle next to us in the financial toilet.

    • Rob Wildey

      The comparison to Villa’s situation is that, yes they are on a rocky road still, but they have dealt with the worst of it to the point where they may actually get to keep most of their better players.

      Blues have just coasted along hoping it will sort itself out.

      • brian

        villa have lost £260 million in 6 years if thats running your football club with any grip of real football know how then god bless them

  2. Sausage n egg

    The scummers hit a problem so moved to solve it by way of a couple of billionaires …. Blues hit a problem and Ren buries his head up his arse and hopes it will go away …… Nothing will change until owners are here because they a) have plans for the club. b) have someone who knows about running a club

  3. Mark fewtrell

    Same old for blues lack of investment that once again is choking the life out of the seeds of hope that have been planted by a new Manager who may go elsewhere to fulfil ambition not shared by our current owners

  4. Alan Richards

    The club is suffering from an inability from our CEO to even acknowledge that we have a problem with FFP. If it weren’t for Almajir and the media we wouldn’t know we had such a problem at all. It must be awful for those at St.Andrew’s whose job it is to have some sort of relationship with the fans and obviously not allowed to communicate with us. Until our owners have the decency of admitting there is something wrong they will never know how to manage a football club in the West.
    This CEO is a disaster and my hope is that he doesn’t drag the club down with him. If we feel frustrated, can you imagine how Gary Monk feels; he was promised backing if he kept us up. Come on Mr Ren, keep your side of the bargain or resign now before it’s too late.

    • Col Phelps

      You refer to Almajir as some kind of white knight but he always seems to look down his nose at the ordinary Blues fan, furthermore he’s done okay writing books about our problems.

  5. Peter bates

    The club sold season tickets on false pretences fans thought gary monk was being helped fans duped again so many tickets would not have been sold if the fans knew the truth hope gary stays but wouldnt be surprised if he walked away ren needs to go but who do we talk to fans secondary again

  6. alan

    Who was in charge of Qpr? Harry of course

  7. Philip Harding

    If gary doesn’t get the support and financial means from the board and the FFP is not sorted out Gary will walk and who can blame him. I won’t go down this season till the owners start showing some desire,commitment,passion and finance.

    • RAMON

      Well said,same here.

  8. Darren Nelson

    You can bring as many billionaires in as you like, our owner isn’t short of cash, it’s about income versus outgoings. Doesn’t matter how much money you have.

    You’re all like headless chickens, just wait and see what happens. I happen to think we are a ball playing midfielder away from a playoff team, but maybe I’m just an optimist. Keep clucking guys!

    • pam allsopp

      Darren…. We need a goalkeeper first and foremost, and a goal scorer. We have needed a goalscorer for the past 3 seasons at least.I AGREE RE the midfielder, but to think we are only one player away from play offs.!!!!!!!!!!¬

    • Rob Wildey

      Read my last piece. I actually said that we are a ball playing MF away from being a competitive side. This article is asking for clarity. I’m not criticising the squad – I’m pointing out that no one knows what’s going on.

    • Bullfrog blue

      I actually think you`re not too far away from the truth. Even if no-one comes in, before the season starts, I think we have enough for top half – with the loan players returning, and Vassell coming back, promising kids coming through. A playmaker in the middle would be the icing on the cake – I think we are serious contenders, then. KRO

    • Sausage n egg

      Thank you but I am not a headless chicken … I live in the real world and this club is far from being a mid table outfit at best we are bottom scrag end again … Players that have been bought in on big wages just don t cut it ( Jota exempt) far too much below par .Maybe I was hoping for more from the club in being run competently after recent years of shite .. Did they learn nothing?We have a good manager with a sound ethos but he is no magician i will be behind the team but as said I am a realist and the current lot will struggle… As granny used to say “Yowm Carnt polish a Turd”

  9. pamela allsopp

    Yet again, we are let down by the club before the season begins. How many more times Blues? Yes, Villa sorted some of their problems before we have even admitted we have one.!. Dear oh dear.
    Supposed targets have all gone to pastures anew, whilst we still search for key positions required to give us a fighting chance of improvement. A regular goalscorer, a midfield player and of course a replacement goalkeeper are minimum requirements for progression, not to mention having a new full back who it appears cannot yet be registered.
    Not only are the fans gutted, but an ambitious manager to whom we can all relate, must feel very despondent too.
    The lack of communication from the club in this instance is nothing short of diabolical. Get it sorted Blues.

  10. Steve Turner

    I agree that the club have sold season tickets under false pretences.I wouldn’t have bought mine if I had known that we would be left with a smaller squad than what we had last season and no opportunity a week before start of season to sign any additions.d

  11. Luke Sandford

    Our owners wont keep pumping money in for players , us fans are all looking for clarity but reality is we’ve got to make best of what we’ve got
    Stewart / Solomon-Otabor /
    Vassell will be like 3 new signing
    I do think we’re a central midfielder short thou .

  12. Roy Smith

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. We have problems with FFP at the moment because the owners were very generous last year with their handouts. Some people seem to think they are not putting in any cash, that is because they can’t, not won’t.
    As for their ability to run a football club that is a different matter, they still don’t seem to realise that listening to the people in the club that understand the rules and regulations would be a good idea. Xuandong is possibly suffering from the Chinese unwillingness to lose face, and so can’t admit he has screwed up, perhaps his bosses in Hong Kong need to give him a bit of gardening leave.

  13. David James

    T.T.A. have gave us their best …and really we should give them this season in respect of that …but for the fact that there is a fear that they are not tuned in to the same station as those at stans ..why are they delaying the fair play problem ..are the E.f.l.asking an extortionate amount ..lets hope not after what blues fans have been through ..and only blues fans ..for the most part the championship being the 3rd best supported league in Europe is being treated like a non league system can fining a club like QPR.£17 , MILLION IN FINES AND SAY IT’S FAIR WHEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY THE PREMIERSHIP CAN SPEND 10 TIMES AS MUCH ON ONE PLAYER IN ONE LEAGUE HIGHER …COME ON TIME FOR OVERALL FAIR PLAY LAWS ..OF ALL LEAGUES IN COMPARISON …

  14. Bluenose4ever

    Isn’t it truly time for the owners to step up and say what’s going on and why they are obviously refusing to resolve the financial problems, even though they promised Garry it wouldn’t be a problem, I believed the Chinese pride themselves on their honesty? Then it’s about time to prove it, if they are lying, then we are severe prospect of losing Mr Monk, and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame him in a way! Yes, a good result yesterday, fabulous goal from Kieftenbeld, now I read that Derby want Pederson on loan, FFS! Come on and do something, I love this club!!

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