Joys and sorrows

Birmingham City fans have experienced plenty of the joys and sorrows we sing about in our anthem. This week we have had a taste of both.

On Wednesday, 2,000 fans attended an open training event at St Andrew’s and had the chance to get close to the players. Social media was flooded with pictures of joyful fans getting signatures and selfies with the players and there are more pictures on the official site.. The sorrow came on Thursday when Daniel Ivery published a post that questioned the truth of reassurances that everything is fine at the club. Daniel’s track record as an investigative journalist means that his concerns have to be taken seriously.

I would prefer to know the truth even if it is bad news and I think a lot of other Blues fans feel the same way. I would hope that Garry Monk has been told the whole truth about the Financial Fair Play situation. Appointing him as manager was one of the best decisions the club has made in recent years and I am encouraged by his talk of planning for the future. I would not want anything to disrupt that. It would be bad to lose some of our better players through injury or transfer, but it would be much worse to lose our manager.

If what I fear happens and the transfer embargo is not lifted, it would increase the opportunities for our young players to step up to the first team and show what they can do. And Monk would be the right man to oversee that; he has already shown his willingness to give young players a chance. He understands the importance of the connection between players and fans and seems to have conveyed this to the players. The last thing I’d feel like doing after a training session on a hot day is to spend an hour going down a long line of fans, signing autographs and smiling for photographs but that’s what all the players did. That is the kind of team I can support.

Margaret Decker


  1. Davidjames

    There certainly a bit to worry about for me …the failure to sign Harry’s ….Afriyie Acquah…..and Ogenyi Onazi ..last summer and what a midfield that would have made ….but alas T.T.A failed to sign them …this summer talk of many signings again but are we just the victims of a final straw …If we are to take the bad with the good on our journey back to the top then the fans need to know how the club stands financially …as we have been fed bullshirt for too long by previous owners …..STAND UP TTA. LET’S SEE WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF …

  2. phillip mcdowell

    This situation at St Andrews is NOT the fault of TTA, these problems and their cause can all be laid at the feet of four people, “Arry”,Dein, his chief “Scout”and Ren, all of whom served first their own interests first and the clubs second, the last named has also been not exactly telling the truth to all concerned, taking it upon himself to apparently do all transfer dealings without listening to the backroom staff at the club who know better the rules and regulations of the E.F.L than him [or any of the other three], the failure to complete the transfers of either of the two Nigerian players is a prime example,,,,,fools rush in, springs to my mind, where wise persons fear to tread.

  3. Ijaz

    Garry Monk has instilled organisation and a good team spirit. This can get you quite far in this league especially if you get the fans onside and make St. Andrews a fortress again. However we lack quality in two key areas midfield and up front. Our problem over the last few seasons has been the lack of goals. None of our strikers are what you would term prolific. I hope Vassell can add the end product and score us the 15 to 20 goals required to propel us higher up the table. Our central midfield must be the worst in the league. We need someone who can put his foot on the ball and dictate the play. Also we need more goals from midfield. Under GM we are creating a lot more chances than under previous managers. Juke finished the season with a flourish. I don’t think we are a bad side overall and even without additions could manage a midtable finish.

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