Staff departures

Blues Trust board members were saddened to hear of the departure of CFO Roger Lloyd, club secretary Julia Shelton and financial controller Gary Moore yesterday.

All three have been servants of the club, particularly over the last seven years where their experience, dedication and calm heads saw Blues through some very difficult times.

It remains to be seen how Blues will cope without the decades worth of organisational memory and collective experience of these three senior staff members.

We hope that their replacements are as equally well versed in the structures and complexities of the English Football League so as to try and rebuild our relationship with the EFL and return Blues to normal business operation as soon as possible.

The Trust would like to place on record its profound and lasting thanks to Roger, Julia and Gary for their sterling efforts over the years and restate our commitment to working with whoever is appointed in their stead. We call upon the Board to communicate properly with the fans and produce a timely statement clarifying the situation.

Blues Trust

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